Sharing Computer Culture

We believe in the value of stories.

Computer history is more than a timeline. More than speeds and feeds. More than a sea of version numbers and hardware revisions. Computer history is also the story of the relationship between humanity and computers. Computer software, hardware, and users have combined in unpredictable and interesting ways throughout the last several decades to create interesting circumstances, feelings, and modes of thought. Out of the endless permutations and combinations of these elements, fascinating stories have arisen from all walks of this computer culture.

We believe the Web provides an excellent medium to share these stories.

In our first steps as an organization, we are sharing exclusive stories from our members and contributors that provide perspectives on different moments throughout the evolution of computer culture. We emphasize technical information surrounded with context. Computer systems grow out of and reflect their cultural context. They are influenced by it through their designers and influence it in return through their users. Our contributors are users and designers, enthusiasts and admirers, participants in computer culture with stories to share about their relationships with computer systems and technology.


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“…the relationship between humanity and computers”


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